Reach Beyond... How to Jump Over Hurdles And Land on Success

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Lou Vickery

REACH BEYOND is a resource book that is designed to instruct…inform…inspire the reader to generate a more thorough thought and action process about how to jump over hurdles and land on success.

Author Lou Vickery has rubbed shoulders with thousands of highly successful people from all walks of life in his roles as a professional baseball player, speaker/trainer and radio talk show host. From athletes to businessmen to world leaders, Lou has penned incredible stories in each chapter from those who have been in life’s toughest arenas.

These individuals somewhere along the line learned the value of creating a higher capacity for improvement…expanding their intellectual curiosity…enlarging their creative imagination …and rearranging their lives to reach beyond and snag onto something better.

The theme of REACH BEYOND works on the premises that it’s not unusual to be effective and efficient in some parts of life, and not in others. That’s the reason the text wraps its tentacles around many areas of life. A little fine tuning in these areas will aid in life taking on a new significance.

There may be only one life message that is truly meaningful for the reader. Then again, there may be several messages that do. There also may be some that emerge which have been hidden under layers of denial.
Whatever may be the case, there is something here that will help the reader to reach beyond for the greater reward of what is to come.


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