The Rise of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians: Revised Edition

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Lou Vickery

THE RISE OF THE POARCH BAND OF CREEK INDIANS REVISED EDITION is basically a history of the Creek Indians, leading to the formation of the Poarch Band, the only Federally-recognized Creek tribe in Alabama. The Creek were one of five civilized Native American Tribes located in the Southeastern USA.  
The book details the activities of the Creek in their movement from Mexico in the 16th Century toward the east, finally setting in what is now the states of Georgia and Alabama. The Creek in Alabama were noted as the Upper Creek and settled mostly along the waterways in Central Alabama in the 18th Century.  
In the late 18th century, the Europeans came to Creek country, and many males intermarried with women from the Wind Clan of the tribe. These half-breeds (metis as they were called) became noted Creek leaders and were instrumental in building viable and growing communities throughout the central and southern parts of what later became the state of Alabama.  
The Creek Indian War of 1812-14 aligned Creek against Creek. The warring Creek, known as Red Sticks, were led by Billy Weatherford (Red Eagle) and fought against the U.S. soldiers led by General Andrew Jackson, and those Creek (White Sticks) who remain loyal to the U.S. Government.  
After the Creek Indian War, many of the Creek who remained loyal to General Jackson and the Federal Government were given land grants of 640 acres of land and settled in and around what today is the Poarch reservation located in Southwest Alabama, near Mobile. 
Most of the Creek who settled in the Poarch area were not included in the relocation process to the territory of Oklahoma. Known as the "Trail of Tears," more 3,500 Creek Indians lost their lives on the trail west, including the author, Lou Vickery's, fourth generation grandfather, Sam Moniac. 
The Moniac family was one of the original families to settle first in Creek country... and later in the Poarch area. David Tate Moniac, son of Sam and Lou's fourth generation Uncle, was the first Native American to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy in l822. Chapter 17 details his amazing story. 
The avid history buff will find Vickery, a former professional baseball player, depiction of Creek history to be a "must" read.

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