MOTOR-VATORS... for Salespeople Destined for Greatness

Lou Vickery & Jason Will

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MOTOR-VATORS chronicles some of the best quotes, short messages, and general information that touches virtually every area of the sales process. It is full of proven strategies and tips for building your sales platform, selling yourself, selling your products, and assisting you in creating long-term success opportunities for your sales career.
Are you ready to improve your sales career from all angles? Are you ready to reach beyond and grasp something better? MOTOR-VATORS will help you do just that…regardless of where you are on the experience ladder or performance scale.
The simple, yet profound, cardinal truths found in MOTOR-VATORS are designed to instruct…inform…motivate…and inspire you. Who knows to what far reaches of your mind these great words might settle as you aspire to reach new heights of possibilities.

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