Winners' Edge

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Coach Sonny Smith & Lou Vickery

To Inform…to Inspire…to Ignite

WINNERS’ EDGE is a resource book designed to help young athletes(10+) obtain a better grasp of the mental aspects of sports. Regardless of the sport, to be a high level performer, an athlete must have the mental toughness…the mental fortitude…the mental acumen…the mental strength…the mental courage…the mental resilience to stand up to the challenges athletics consistently tosses their way.

Coach Sonny Smith and Lou Vickery have drawn upon their many years of involvement in sports, at both the amateur and professional levels in developing WINNERS’ EDGE. They offer a variety of motivational and/or inspirational messages and quotes of their own, and from hundreds of others—who have been in life’s and sport’s greatest venues--who understand what it takes to upgrade the mental attributes of sports.

WINNERS’ EDGE is a confidence-builder, for young athletes who possess a desire to seek…learn…improveand evolve as an athlete.The cardinal truths found in WINNERS’ EDGE can have a significant impact on any young athlete’s aspirations to reach new heights. Who knows to what far reaches of the mind these great words might settle and serve as a reservoir when needed in striving for athletic excellence.

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