Forty- Love

Lou Vickery

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FORTY-LOVE is a rare gem of a sports book. It focuses on the role that psychology, motivation and attitude play in being a winner at the game of tennis. Author Lou Vickery relies on his experience as a professional athlete, coach and avid tennis player to provide straightforward, honest and practical answers that are in step with the “mental” realities of tennis. The reader will find a different message on each page in FORTY-LOVE. These messages run the gamut from basic attitudes through motivational factors to the psychology behind winning. The words found in Forty-Love will instruct… inform… inspire a player at any level of tennis to reach beyond their grasp and snag onto to something better. FORTY-LOVE truly demonstrates why sports in general, and tennis in particular, matter. Tennis offers the chance to learn real life lessons – for at the one is the beginning of the other.


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