Reach Beyond... How to Jump Over Hurdles And Land on Success

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Lou Vickery

My friend, Lou Vickery, has done an excellent job with his new book, REACH BEYOND…How to Jump Over Hurdles and Land on SuccessLou has been in life’s toughest arenas. He understands. This book is a “must” read.

Bill (Bubba) Bussey, Co-Host of the Rick and Bubba Radio Show 

REACH BEYOND… How to Jump Over Hurdles and Land on Success is a rich resource of gems blended with stories, illustrations, quotes, and life-changing insights. Its pages will satisfy the hunger for knowing the path to success.

With unique wisdom and valuable advice, Reach Beyond offers readers the path to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Janet Perez Eckles, International Speaker, and Author

REACH BEYOND is the quintessential primer for life. It contains the thoughts and beliefs and secrets of a life well lived. It teaches the reader how to live more productively. This is a must-read survival guide. Reading this book can literally help the reader navigate the current times with ease and purpose. I highly recommend this book.

Dr. Ted Broer, CEO of

REACH BEYOND…How To Jump Over Hurdles and Land on Success is a perfect companion book for your life. Use it as a guide to embrace who you are and where you are going.

Reach Beyond when used daily can help take you to the next level. It is an interactive work with each chapter giving you tons to ponder. It hit a home run with me...pun intended! One of Lou’s best. 

Elizabeth Chryst, Retired Secretary of GOP, U.S. Senate

Lou Vickery has masterfully woven a self-analysis manual that leaves us optimistic about ourselves and our future. Reach Beyond is packed full of common-sense, practical solutions, and poignant anecdotes. The reader will gain much from this book.

Bob Beauprez, Retired U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado


Book Description

Do you believe there is a better you in you? REACH BEYOND…How to Jump Over Hurdles and Land on Success is a resource book about how to discover the best you in you!            

Beneath life’s beautiful wrapper lies the keys to making your life more meaningful and productive. While life isn't tied with a bow, it's still a gift. To enjoy the gift, it is crucial that you continually search for ways to get better…to improve…to retrofit.            

Hello. My name is Lou Vickery. I have interacted with thousands of highly successful people from all walks of life in my careers as a professional baseball player, speaker/trainer and radio talk show host. From athletes to businessmen to world leaders I have heard some incredible success stories that I share with you throughout REACH BEYOND.          

These individuals somewhere along the line learned the value of creating a higher capacity for jumping over hurdles…expanding their ability to seek something better…enlarging their vision and creative imagination…and rearranging their lives to reach beyond and snag onto something better.          

The text of REACH BEYOND wraps its tentacles around many areas of life. It’s not unusual to be effective and efficient in some parts of life, and not in others. I have discovered that a little fine-tuning in these areas will aid in life taking on a new significance.          

Here is what you will find in REACH BEYOND. The first five chapters accent the challenges: How to manage fear…handle stress…personalize success…and the pursuit of happiness.          

Then we get to the specific areas of life, with each chapter carrying a different message: Chapter headings include: “Turn Over a New Leaf,”  Necessity--the Mother of Change…Art of Becoming…Focus on the Positive…Success Forms Around Preparation… Goals to Grow…Unblock Your Block…Fuel Your Staying Power…Fail Forward… Ten Life-Changers…Building Social Capital …the Golden Rule—Rules…Right is Right…Learning Touches the Future… Listen to Your Heart…Health is Your Greatest Wealth.            

REACH BEYOND is full of strategies for developing a workable mental and emotional toolbox for dealing with these varied and diverse circumstances of life. With the right mix of mental and emotional tools, you have a good shot at anticipating how things are going to unfold in an unknown future.          

Where are you in your life, right now? Quite possibly you have already been successful--really successful in many aspects of living, but you may have slipped a bit here-and-there.        

REACH BEYOND can help you upgrade your ability to reach beyond and grasp a better you. It can assist you in getting back to the personal or professional levels where you have experienced more happiness and success,          

Then again, maybe you are one who is reaching out for the first time toward the pinnacle in either--or both--the personal and professional segments of life. There is something here for you as well.          

There may be only one life message in REACH BEYOND that is truly meaningful for you. Then again, there may be several messages that hit home. There also may be some that emerge which have been hidden under layers of denial. That’s for you to decide.          

Whatever may be the case, the purpose of REACH BEYOND is to instruct…to inform…to inspire you to generate a more thorough thought and action process about how to reach beyond what you are for the greater reward of what you can become.

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